电子科技大学实验中学(简称“科中”或“科大实验”)位于成都高新区(西区),是电子科技大学与成都高新区于2009年9月联合创办的全封闭、住宿制公立高完中。2018年5月获批成为“四川省二级示范性普通高中”。2018年9月清水河校区正式投入使用,形成了“一体化管理,分校区治理”的模式,两个校区相距约1公里。 这是一所严格与关爱相融的学校,是弥漫着创新创造力的学校,也是大学味道最浓的学校。学校地处川蜀文化发源地,位于成都平原西部、美丽的清水河畔,毗邻电子科技大学、西南交通大学等十九所高校以及华为、京东方、英特尔、西门子、飞利浦等数十家五百强名企,具有良好的人文地理优势及科技创新教育资源。 The Experimental High School Attached to UESTC (referred to as “UESTC High School” or “UESTC Experimental”) is located in Chengdu High-tech Development Zone (western zone) and is a totally-enclosed and boarding public high school co-founded by University of Electronic Science and Technology of China and Chengdu High-tech Development Zone in September of 2009. It was granted as “Grade II Model Regular Senior High School of Sichuan Province”. In September of 2018, Qingshui River Campus was put into use to form the mode of “integrated management and separated governing”, and it is around 1km away from the other campus. This is a school integrated with strictness and care, and diffused with innovation and taste of university. The school is located in the birthplace of Chuan-Shu culture, in the west of Chengdu Plain, by the beautiful Qingshui River, adjoining to 19 colleges and universities including UESTC and SWJTU etc and tens of top 500 enterprises including Huawei, BOE, Intel, Siemens and Philips etc, equipped with excellent advantages of human geography and educational resources of technological innovation.